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    Paragraph 1:Page 3 like any other page shows our work with HTML. Each page shows different things that we learned. For example our first page we found out what Web Publishing was. We also learned the 3 things we need to make a basic Web Page. Those 3 things consist of Notepad, a Internet Browser, and a Root Folder. Page 2 we learned how to insert images or pictures, and we also learned how to link one page to another page. So all in all, page 3 is another page of our progression, we are actually getting closer to making our own Web Page.

    Paragraph 2:The way I planned the page was fairly simple, I just needed a pencil and a piece of paper. I just wrote down a table with x amount of table columns and rows that I needed. The notes I used helped me make my Web Page look cleaner and smoother. Notes I received from my Teacher had the tags that I used to create what I have on this page.

    Paragraph 3:


    First Web Page Project

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