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bigkangarooForester’s live a life through a hierarchy and dominant individual are known to have better food. The dominant Roo’s normally don’t stay dominant for over a year. A Kangaroos  regular diet consists of different grasses and shrubs. They are animals that eat in the morning and during the evening. The kangaroos are known to be social animals and are mostly seen in family groups. Kangaroo’s that are seen in a group are usually called mobs. Kangaroo’s are able to be killed if hit by a car, but on the contrary since most Kangaroos are pretty big and heavy, they can damage a car or even destroy it. Kangaroo’s are amazing animals, they can reach speed’s that range from 13 to 44 mph. Kangaroos are special because they can have babies that are called Joey’s and they live in the mothers pouch. They have babies all throughout the year. The Joey is known to depend on the mother for 18 months.