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Home Page for the First Web Site for Web Publishing

by: J.M.

Sweetwater High School

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What is Web publishing?

My name is J.M. and I am enrolled in the Web Publishing course at Sweetwater High School. Mr. Lopez. the instructor for this class, is teaching me about Web Publishing.

Web Publishing is about learning about how to create a webpage by going through codes and tags and using rootfolders and proper file extentions.

For this First Web Site Project, I will learn to create three Web pages. I will then do the following in order to create the Web site.

  1. Plan the Website, Use a story board and page layout to create the Web site.
  2. Create and Save the Web pages Using XHTML in NotePad
  3. Use a Internet Browser to display the Web pages.
  4. Sign up for a Web Hosting Service to upload and publish the pages.
  5. A URL or Internet address for the Web site will be given to me by the Web Hosting Service.

What Have I Learned In Web Publishing?

So far, I have learned the following in Web Publishing.

How To Create Lists Using XHTML Pages

First, I will discuss creating a bulleted list. A bulleted list is known as an unordered list; this means the order does not matter.

First Web Page Project

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Sweetwater High School

Last modified: 10 August 2010